Hi! I am Associate Professor Highway and Railway Engineering at KTH and Director of the KTH Road2Science Competence Center. My group consists of 5 PhD students and a PostDoc and now and then we have guest researchers as well. I am the coordinator of a number of courses at KTH, one of which is the C-Campus course on Future Highway Design, in collaboration with Tsinghua University.

Here you can find a short introductory film about the C-Campus course:

This last course is the reason I am very interested in the ONL162 course. For the C-Campus course we wanted to build a social interface that looked like a (2D) campus, but a campus nevertheless, all the students could pick their own (cartoonish) avatar, and we recreated the ‘campus feeling’ by allowing for a coffee corner (no real coffee unfortunately) where people could chit-chat, and all the home-work, conferencing and library tools as well. It was a really big task to build the entire platform, but at the end we did succeed with it and the course has now been given several times. HOWEVER, I feel that I can still learn a lot about creative online learning, as we encountered many many challenges. Some related to cultural differences between the Tsinghua and KTH students (and teachers) but some also associated with the ‘e-learning’ part. So I am hoping for some new insights from ONL162 that can make me further improve the course as well as future online course efforts.




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